With School Closures, 7 Things Young Students Can Do To Stay Ahead

1: Learning To Play An Instrument

Studies have shown that learning to play an instrument can increase brain activity and promote overall memory. It teaches you how to read basic instructions, and also gives you a skill that can promote your ability to learn and retain new information.

2: Practice Art

Like musical instruments, art can expand your student’s mind so they learn how to solve problems in creative ways. Many artists throughout history were

3: Learn To Write And Read

This is pretty self-explanatory. Reading and writing have long been staples in normal human development, and are essential for getting ahead in today’s world. But teaching a child how to read and write is a lot harder than it sounds, and if you don’t do it right, you can embed bad habits into your young student. Comprehensive learning phonics programs will really nurture your student’s ability to read and write. It can also enhance their already obtained skills, and will really make them stand out amongst their peers.

Learning to read and write is one of the most essential skills someone can learn. Of all the skills you can develop in school, these two are arguably the most important. Even if your student isn’t apart of the widespread school closures, they can still benefit from the maelan way programs to get them ahead in today’s world.

4: Practicing Basic Mathematics

Being able to do math on the fly is a skill that is slowly being lost. Most kids reach for the calculator on their smart phone if they need to be able to do a basic mathematical equation. This isn’t the most efficient way to solve these problems. Being able to instantly bring up the solution to any given problem will make your student stand out in a very drastic way.

5: Learning Basic Life Skills

Something schools fail at doing is teaching students how to live life effectively. Students can benefit greatly by having an edge when it comes to living life. You can make it into a game for them so they learn more efficiently about bills, mortgages, and taxes. By knowing these things your young student can and will excel in academics simply by virtue of being knowledgeable of how to apply the skills they learn to real life.

6: Playing Sports

It has been proven time and time again that athletics promotes healthy brain function. Being physically in shape is something that everyone should strive to be, but it’s especially important for young minds to have a fit body to match their limitless mental protentional.

7: Socializing With Other Young Students

Normally, children in schools would learn how to socialize with their peers. This would give them skills that will follow them for the rest of their life. With all the repeated school closings, it’s important to make sure your student is still interacting with children their age so they still develop their emotional intelligence, social skills, and mental reaction time to on the spot conversations.

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